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Executive Committee

Executive Committee

2015-2016 committee and subcommittee member list coming soon.

Activities Committee

The purpose of this committee is to:

Plan, coordinate, and execute social activities for the College at-large; and organize and coordinate Council approved community fundraisers.


Election And Membership Committee

The purpose of this committee is to:

Follow the procedures and time guidelines outlined under Elections by-law; keep a current list and contact information of Council Representatives; maintain a list of candidates for each election along with vote totals (This list will be used to fill vacancies as they arise); conduct the elections of Officers.



The purpose of this committee is to:

Create, collect, disseminate, and archive official Staff Advisory Council communications; develop communication processes and procedures; and collaborate with Standing and Ad Hoc Committees to determine and facilitate communication needs.


Staff Professional Development Committee

The purpose of this committee is to:

Conceive, development, and implement Professional Development opportunities for staff members. Consult and partner with various College Committees to further elevate the importance of staff professional development.


Ad Hoc Committee

An ad hoc committee is set up for a specific purpose or situation.