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About Us

About Us

Our work

The Columbus State Community College Marketing and Communications Department works to promote the college, its programs, and its people to our community and beyond. 

The Marketing Team is a creative think tank, generating ideas and implementing strategic projects that elevate our brand locally, regionally and nationally. The marketing team works to produce and place multimedia advertising aimed at recruiting students. Internal and External Communications tell the college’s story through news articles, feature stories, news releases and social media. Designers and photographers play a key role in developing the appearance of all projects. Marketing and Communications collaborates with all divisions of the college to develop websites that are consistent with our brand standards, and administers the web content management system OmniUpdate. And finally, Marketing and Communications produces and promotes many of the college’s internal and external special events and ceremonies. We look forward to collaborating with you—together we can share the Columbus State story!  

Our staff

1  photo
Allen Kraus 
Vice President for 
Marketing & 
Lisa Farina 
Director of


5 2   
Vickie Hunter
Administrative Assistant 
to the Vice President
 Mary Ashley
Enrollment Marketing 
4 6 7
D. Tony Goins
Web Content 
Suzanne May
Lisa Petersen 
   8 10
Laura Contrucc
Greg Phillips
Web Designer
Paul Rehg 
Graphic Designer/
11 12 13
Angie Shear
Social Media/Student 
Success Coordinator
Mark Van Horn
Video Coordinator
David Wayne
Media Relations