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IRB Members

The IRB is composed of 5 voting members.; Non-voting members may also be appointed. All appointments are made by Executive Memorandum and reported to OHRP.

The IRB is composed of members with varying backgrounds and expertise in special areas to provide complete and adequate review of the research. Committee members should possess not only broad specific competence sufficient to comprehend the nature of the research, but also other competencies necessary for judgments as to acceptability of the research in terms of College regulations, relevant law, ethical standards, and standards of professional practice.

The IRB must include both men and women, at least one member whose primary concerns are in nonscientific areas, and at least one member who is not otherwise affiliated (either directly or through immediate family) with the College.

No person shall be excluded from serving on the IRB based on sex, race, color or national origin.

Committee Meetings
The IRB Committee meets regularly on the second Monday of every month. Meeting dates are subject to change. Exempt Protocols can be submitted at any time for the Chair’s review. If the Chair determines that the Exempt Protocol needs to be reviewed by the IRB committee, it will be submitted at the next regularly scheduled IRB meeting. Full Protocols should be submitted at least two weeks before the regular monthly meeting. The early submission dates are indicated below.

Monthly Meeting Early Submission
January 16  January 2
February 6 February 2
March 6 February 19
April 3 March 19
May 1 April 16
June 5 May 21
July 3 June 1
August 7 July 23
Sept. 15 August 20
October 20 October 3 
November 17 November 3 
December 15 December 1

IRB Administrator

Thomas Lyons
Office of Institutional Effectiveness