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Common questions about medical leave

Q:    How does this work with my leaves?
A:    FML is unpaid leave time. CSCC allows employees to use their leave time (sick, personal or vacation) concurrently with FML for the purpose of pay.

Q:    Who will know about my situation?
A:    All cases are confidential. Only those who may need to know can have information (i.e. VP Human Resources / Assistant Director HR). Supervisors will not be informed of the actual injury or illness.

Q:    It has been over a year, why isn’t my time added back into the system?
A:    The system is not adding the accrual time back into the FML hours. We are working with our IT Department to fix the system. We will be tracking individual’s FML hours manually on an as needed basis.

Q:    When do I turn in my leave forms? Who is responsible?
A:    The employee is responsible for making sure that his/her leave forms are turned into his/her supervisor (unless medically unable). You can turn in your forms prior to your leave if you know when you will be out and when you will return. Otherwise, you can make arrangements with your supervisor to leave forms with him/her and have them turned in on a weekly basis or take them home and send them in to your supervisor to turn in for you. As soon as the forms are turned into payroll that time will be deducted from the employee’s leave time.

Q:    What if I’m not sure about how much time I may need?
A:    The employee can estimate based on your physician’s recommendations. If circumstances change later on then the time can be altered. The employee will need to communicate with his/her supervisor and the Wellness Coordinator.

Q:    I have plenty of time, why can’t I just use my sick time?
A:    FMLA is to protect the employee. If the time out is over an extended period of time or sporadic over a long period of time, it needs to be certified as FML time. By having the medical condition certified, the time off is less likely to be questioned.

Q:    How do I fill out my leave form?
A:    Any time related to your FMLA case should be marked in the first section under FML. Payroll will then deduct the time from sick leave and then personal or vacation if needed.

Q:    How far in advance should I submit the FMLA paperwork?
A:    Employees should try to submit FML paperwork 30 days prior to the leave. However, we understand that sometime situations occur where this is not possible. In these situations we need to have the paperwork as soon as possible.

Q:    Can I return to work part time, if I have FMLA time to cover the other half of my time?
A:    Yes, but this needs to be worked out with the employee’s supervisor. This arrangement is not handled through HR. It is a department situation because the supervisor has to ensure proper coverage in the department.

Q:    How will I know how much time I have?
A:    The employee needs to look in the system prior to your FML leave and see your leave balances. He/she needs to be aware of this same issue while out on leave, too.

Q:    How long can I have an open case?
A:    Depending on the situation, an employee can have a case open for as long as he/she is employed here at the college. However, it will need to be re-certified on an annual basis.

Q:    How many or open cases can I have?
A:    There is no limit on how many cases one employee may have, since this benefit applies to the actual employee and his/her family. However, the employee is only allowed a total of 12 weeks for all FML cases. This does not apply to each individual case.

Q:      How are full-time and part-time employees paid when campus closes unexpectedly?
A:      If scheduled, full-time employees are compensated as normal. Part-time employees are not compensated when campus closes for a full day.

Q:    If campus closes for a partial day, full-time employees are compensated as normal. Part-time employees, if physically working when campus closes, will be compensated for the hours they were scheduled to work that day.

Q:    How is travel time handled when extending over a weekend or when an employee travels after their scheduled shift?

A:     I have some information that we have used for this in the past but it's been a while and for some reason I think there may be some changes. I would just want to verify my information to be correct before we discuss it.

Q:      What are my options if I have a short-term staffing shortage during a busy period in my department?

A:      1)  Change the status of one or more part-time employees to intermittent status to allow them work additional hours during the shortage period.
2)  Change the status of a part-time employee to "Acting" during the absence period. This will allow the part-time employee to work in the position on a full-
                time basis until an employee returns from leave.
          3)   Contact Acloché to obtain a temporary employee.

Q:      I have an employee returning from an extended medical leave. What do they need to do prior to their return?

A:      They need to be in touch with our Wellness Coordinator to make sure that we have all of the medical documentation necessary for their return so that we can assess what, if any, accommodations may be required. If they need a reduced work schedule while transitioning back into the workplace, they will also need to work with our Health & Safety Coordinator to enter into the Transitional Work Program. Managers need to be sure that HR has all of the necessary paperwork prior to allowing an employee back into the workplace.

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