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Student Support Committee

ss peeps

2013 Officers (l - r) Tom Duffy, Rachel Brooks-Pannell and Kellie Brennan.

The Student Support Committee reviews all student-related policies, procedures, and student support issues.

2013 Members

Name Position Title Dept./Division Term expires
Kellie Brennan, chair A Director Student Life 2014
Thomas Duffy, vice chair S Assistant IT 2014
Rachel Brooks-Pannell, minutes F Instructor English 2014
Traci Haynes F Assoc. Prof. Psychology 2013
Ellen Stadler F Instructor Dev. Education 2014
Nome Stillwell S Coordinator Enroll. Services 2014
Amy DeLorenzo F Instructor Human Services 2014
Tracy Little F Associate Social Sciences 2015
Elizabeth Daugherty F Asst. Prof. Business 2015
Zach Scott S Associate Sports/Fit Mgmt. 2015
Rhonda Gurio A Supervisor IT Support Services 2015
Kim Hachet S Representative TIC 2015
Yvonne Watson S Coordinator Instructional Serv. 2015


Meeting Dates

All meetings are at 3 pm in WD 312.
January 24               
February 14             
March 28                  
April 18
May 30
June 27
July 18



Documents & Recommendations

Procedure 5-13 (A), Academic Calendar Commitee (Draft) 3-28-13