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Shared Governance


Shared Governance is best demonstrated when the college, as a whole, is committed to a common vision of the college mission. Because participants in the shared governance process will be empowered with the responsibility to make decisions that affect the college as a whole, they will operate in a consensus-building fashion where open communication and accountability are paramount.

Shared Governance utilizes the collective intelligence of the college community in planning and decision-making and involves joint effort in the development of college policy. This process fosters a shared confidence that is extended to all other areas of responsibility within the institution, e.g., departments, programs, and units. 

Documents & Resources

Shared Governance Handbook

Attendance Requirements             

Shared Governance Model November 2013 (Board of Trustees Approved Effective November 21, 2013)

Governance item submission form


Governance News

Below are the latest proposed revisions to college policies and procedures. Implementation date is Autumn Semester 2015.

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