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CQI Steering Committee


Dr. David Tom Leads Accreditation Team

David Tom, Ph.D., associate professor in Psychology, is the new Faculty Fellow for Accreditation. Tom succeeds Greg Goodhart, Ph.D. who led the accreditation committee for two years.dave t

Since 2011, Tom has been an accreditation steering committee member. He took part in the Higher Learning Commission campus visit in 2012. More recently, he helped write Category Four, Understanding Students' and Other Stakeholders' Needs, for the new 2013 Systems Portfolio.

Tom joined the Columbus State Department of Psychology staff in 2003. He completed his doctoral studies in Psychology two years later at Ohio State which recognized him as an "outstanding teacher."

Tom will lead the AQIP Accreditation Steering Committee which guides the college's ongoing academic quality improvement work. Included in those duties is the annual selection of action projects and posting related reports, as well as reviewing the Portfolio Feedback Report.  Contact Dr. Tom at 614 657-2102 or via email for more information.

AQIP @ Columbus State  - a brief roundup of accreditation news at Columbus State.  
•  February 2014
•  April 2014

2014 Steering Committee

Polly Owen, Assoc. VP, Academic Affairs

Jack Cooley, Sr. VP, Academic Affairs

David Tom, Sociology

Ingrid Emch, English

Greg Goodhart, Mathematics

Desiree Polk-Bland, Advising

Karen Muir, Assoc. VP, Academic Affairs

John Nestor, Public Safety

Bruce Massis, Library

Erica Swarts, Social Sciences

Sue Donohue, Career & Technology


Adam Moskowitz, Social Sciences

Scott Millsap, Communication

Lori Thomas, Human Resources

Brad Trimble, Accounting

Patricia Opong, Computer Information

Tracy Koski, Developmental Education

TJ Duda, Mathematics

Suzanne May, Institutional Advancement

Sean Asbury, Business/Administration

Antoinette Perkins, Sports/Exercise Studies

Tom Lyons, Academic Affairs