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IRB Forms and Training


Persons who will be working with an IRB approved research protocol are required to complete an ethics education course. For Columbus State employees, this is available at CITI, Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative.

On the home page, open the Register Here link and follow the directions.

Submission Schedule

2014 Schedule


Suggestions for safely maintaining data are provided in Securing Research Data.

Securing Research Data

Survey Design

Rosemary Gliem, Research Analyst in Institutional Effectiveness, can assist with the design of surveys. E-mail Rosemary or call 287-2337.


Complete and send one of these forms to initiate the IRB process.

Exempt Protocol

Exempt Protocol Guidelines

Research activities involving human subjects in six-federally approved categories may be exempt from review by Columbus State’s Institutional Review Board. The principal investigator/project director is authorized to make the first determination of eligibility for exemption; however, the College bears the responsibility for concurring in that determination based on notice provided by the principal investigator to the Institutional Review Board .

Read the protocol and the approved categories. If you believe your project qualifies, complete the protocol and send it to the IRB administrator.

Full Protocol

Full Protocol Guidelines

Consent Form Option 1

Consent Form Option 2

Research involving human subjects that is not eligible for exemption is reviewed by the IRB. Complete the full protocol and send it to the IRB administrator.

Consent Forms and Letters: SAMPLES

Informational Letter #1 Cover Letter when consent is not required

Informational Letter #2 Cover Letter Guidelines when consent is not required

Consent Form

Continuing Review and/or Final Report

Continuing Review and/or Final Report (Adobe PDF/Printable Version )

Modification Request

Adverse Event Report