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Distinguished Teaching Award ProcessAward

  • Nominations are accepeted from students, employees and alumni at any time during the year up until the last day of the year.

  • All nominations received after December 31st are included in the next year (for instance, if a student nominates faculty they had a course with in 2010, the nomination will be considered with the 2011 nominees if received after December 31st)

  • Faculty will be notified of their nomination in December regardless of when they were nominated.

  • Because nominations are received up to the last day of the year, criteria for the nominee portfolios will be distributed at the start of winter quarter. You will have one month to assemble your portfolio.

    • *Tip* Do not assume a reviewer knows you or your discipline. Carefully and professionally arranged portfolios are recommended.
  • DTA reviewers consist of the previous year winners plus one academic administator appointed by the Provost.

  • Reviewers will select up to 10 finalists for classroom observation.

  • Four faculty will be chosen for the Distinguished Teaching Award. It will be presented at the annual employee celebration event in June.

  • Winners of the Distinguished Teaching Award will receive a one-time cash bonus of $2,500 and will be provided with a reserved parking space for one quarter of their choice during the following academic year. In addition, full-time faculty who win the Distinguished Teaching Award will be provided with two hours of reassigned time during Winter Quarter in order to perform classroom observations of the next year’s nominees and to participate on the selection committee for the next year’s Distinguished Teaching Award (from faculty contract, page 36).

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