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Chapter 1: Defining the Best
Featuring recent Distinguished Teaching Awardees

Chapter 2: How do they learn best?
Student feedback on how they learn and how we teach.

Chapter 3: How do the Best Teachers Prerpare
Ann Palazzo, Jack Popovich and faculty audience

Tell your story about “what the best college teachers do”Book Cover

The popular book, What the Best College Teachers Do, has been used at CSCC and around the country as a catalyst for reflection and tool for professional development. The Human Capacity Development department invites faculty and staff to join in quarterly dialog – built around the book’s themes -- about effective teaching. Each discussion will be led by full time faculty and a limited number of books are available to faculty who pre-register.

Want to lead a discussion?

  • Choose a theme based on one of the chapters in What the Best College Teachers Do (see below)
  • Come up with examples, ideas and questions based on your own experience and research.
  • Come up with a plan for facilitating discussion on your chosen theme
  • Submit your plan to Rich James (rjames01@cscc.edu, ext. 2175) for coordination and scheduling

You can partner with other faculty or staff to lead the discussion. Discussions will be held at least once a quarter, more frequently if there is demand.

About the book:

In this 2004 book, author Ken Bain discusses what he believes the best college teachers understand about teaching and learning: they understand how their students learn, think deeply about student learning, create meaningful classes and assignments, evaluate what they and students do, and apply that evaluation to future classes.

Chapter themes are:

  • What dothe best faculty know about how we learn?
  • How do the best faculty prepare to teach?
  • What do the best faculty expect of their students?
  • How do the best faculty conduct class?
  • How dothe best faculty treat their students?
  • How dothe best faculty evaluate their students?
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